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Sarah Jacobs Design has experience working with clients from a variety of industries, including education, entertainment, technology, construction, and more.

Magik Logo.png

Marketing Coordination, Graphic Design,

& Social Media Management

The Magik Theatre is a professional non-profit theatre, catering to family audiences in downtown San Antonio, TX.

With multiple productions and several  overlapping educational camps, this position required strategizing, designing, and implementing 8 - 10 advertising campaigns a year.  These campaigns utilized a mix of traditional and digital media, including print mailers, flyers, and banners, while running a variety of digital ads, email campaigns, and engaging social media content (photos, videos, and graphics by Sarah Jacobs).

Additionally, Sarah Jacobs Design researched and designed an Integrated Marketing Campaign for Magik's annual Camp Showbiz, available to  View Here.

Jubilant Reader Logo.png

Social Media Management & Content Creation

Jubilant Reader launched in 2021 as an emerging education technology company, targeting parents of children ages 4 to 7 on social media and other digital platforms. 

Sarah Jacobs Design was contracted to establish a presence on social media, create eye-catching content, and produce a short promotional video (Image 1) to attract followers and customers. 

Here you will find a selection of that social content, utilizing the brand's signature felt artwork and natural brand colors. Work not pictured includes a curated library of hashtags, content writing, and a variety of marketing strategies that were delivered to the client during weekly meetings.


Jubilant Reader has seen a 400% increase in their audience since contracting Sarah Jacobs Design.


Social Media Campaign & Content Writing

Bella by Sara is an award winning floral designer, located in Austin, TX.

To promote Bella by Sara's new line of event backdrops, Sarah Jacobs Design created a social media awareness campaign featuring curated posts (Document Available Here), story templates (Images 1-15), and branded highlights (Image 16).

Additionally, Sarah Jacobs Design researched and wrote a blog post for Bella by Sara's website (Available Here) and created sharable social media content to promote it (Image 17 + Document Available Here).


Logo & Brand Design

Nolan Services is a family owned remodeling company, serving San Antonio and surrounding areas since 2019.

The Nolan family's rich Irish history became the driving influence for their brand, including a rich green pallet, hand illustrated Celtic shamrock (Image 7), and multiple logo variations - depicted in a brand board, designed by Sarah Jacobs (Image 1).

T-shirts, business cards, and social media graphics became the second phase of rebranding Nolan Services, which has seen significant growth in sales since implementing the new designs.

[Original size] Copy of Phoebe_s Place (

Logo & Brand Design

Phoebe's Place is an emerging non-profit cat sanctuary, located in Austin, TX.

Sarah Jacobs Design was approached with the business concept and asked to design a brand that was inspired by the founder's original felines.

Organic colors, signature fonts, and an innovative logo (Image 2) serve as the foundation for the Phoebe's Place brand, depicted in a brand board (Image 3).


Stickers, decals, and social media graphics were designed subsequently to establish the brand within the larger community.


Logo & Brand Design

Each Charter'd Street is a photography service based in San Antonio, TX.

The client was inspired by "the sun, and everywhere it shines" - seeking a brand that would compliment both natural and urban subjects.

Utilizing natural curves and a bold neon title, the ECS logo (Image 2) and watermark icon (Image 4) are designed for a variety of photography needs. Other logo variations include a simplified horizonal logo for business cards (Image 1) and the isolated neon for social media (Image 3). Additionally, the logo pack includes all four variations in multiple color schemes to fit every occasion.

Other assets include an analysis of brand tone and voice (Image 5), curated typefaces (Image 6),  and a complete brand breakdown presentation (Image 7).


Website Design

Novus Consulting is a business consulting firm located in Oklahoma City, OK.

Sarah Jacobs  Design was approached with a logo (Image 1) that became the base for the entire Novus site. Utilizing a sophisticated pallet of blues with red accents, the Novus website elevates the firm's reputability while still offering approachability through personal headshots, bios, and blogs. 

To learn more about Novus or experience the site first hand, visit


Website Design

Omnia is a technology services company, that focusses on digital transformation, located in Oklahoma City, OK.

Through virtual collaboration with Omnia's founders, Sarah Jacobs Design created a dynamic website for the growing technology company, establishing a clean and modern brand aligned with industry standards, 

To learn more about Omnia or experience the site first hand, visit